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Studio 808 is a platform dedicated for artists and DJs. From mixing and mastering to our internet radio station, we cover all grounds to get the best potential out of your projects.

Mixing & mastering

Our engineers have been helping producers and labels get their music ready to distribution for 4 years with over 100 happy customers.

Music courses

We offer the only course you will need. We tailior courses to your needs as a producer and target the areas you need improvement on.

studio 808 Radio

Our popular internet radio station offers DJs a platform to promote your music and events.

Knowledge Is Power

Its one thing to have a studio full of amazing gear, but it takes more than good equipment to get professional results. Often producers can end up frustrated if their engineer isnt familiar with the style or genre they are producing, or not able to get ‘that sound’ they are looking for. What sets Studio 808 apart from most studios is the knowledge our producers have. We have a team of strong individuals who have experience producing House Music, Drum & Bass, UK Garage, Dubstep and everything in between. They have spent years learning their craft through hours of trial and error, attending world renown music courses, and most importantly having experience producing and releasing music on well respected labels. Their vast knowledge is invaluable and those industry secrets and techniques to get the sound you want – something that has taken them years of practice and cant be taught in most music courses.

Get Your Own Studio Space

Our production suite is now available for hire. We offer this room for hire on a monthly basis. Our monthly fee includes 12 hour access to the studio, the kitchen and toilet. If you struggle to keep up to date with the latest technology or cant afford the high cost equipment then this may be the answer for you. Our studio is loaded with state of the art gear and we are always up to date with the latest and most innovative computer music software and hardware on the market! These prices are paid for 1 months usage for the amount of days of access per week. We also offer an hourly rate of £30 per hour if you just want to come down and jam with our gear!

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808 aftercare

We understand how personal your music is to you and strive to delivery only the very best results with any project no matter how big or small. Our engineers will note down every aspect of your requirements during the initial consultation ensuring the finished product is exactly how you asked for it.

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Studio 808 is a Professional Music Recording Studio based in Chelmsford, Essex. Providing services in Mastering and Recording, with a DJ Practice Room and Music Courses available.

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