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Live streaming is an effective way to engage with potential customers and followers. Having a good social media presence is important in the modern world of business and streaming live where audiences can easily view your event from their smart phones is the most effective way to achieve this. Many businesses use smart phones to live stream through Facebook which has its limitations. The sound and video quality will be poor, and your bound by just streaming to one social media platform at a time. Our team have extensive knowledge on how to live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. We use professional broadcast software along with using DSLR cameras, high quality microphones, as well as on screen text and animations live on the feed which delivers a more professional and engaging live stream. Our live broadcast package is the perfect solution for any business that want to make an announcement, advertise any new product you may be selling, or interviewing people.  We have extensive knowledge on how to use social media by sharing and interactive with people on popular platforms to drive traffic to your business and products.

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