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Broadcast any event or talk show live to your social media pages with our live streaming packages.
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We offer professional a Event Live Streaming service which can be hosted in our studio or on site where power and a good internet connection is available.  We can provide live streaming for conferences, sporting events, workshops, festivals, conventions, press conferences, or any other special event.


We can supply everything you need for any event. If the venue does not have the facilities for your event then rest assured we have it covered for you.

Examples of equipment we can provide:

  • Sound (Microphone, Music)
  • Lighting
  • Cameras
  • DJ Equipment

When you contact us for your booking please specify the date, set up time and what your full requirements are for the booking so we can give you a quote instantly.


We wanted to broadcast a live stream for Record Store Day UK 2019 at our record shop and found Studio 808’s service top notch. They did exactly what we asked and did a great job. Cant fault the service!

Jon Smith (Managing Director)

We are very happy with our experience working with Studio 808 and are very much looking forward to working with them at the Skills Festival in Hylands Park in June 2019!

Chelmsford City Council


3 hour live stream at Studio 808: £180

3 hour live stream on location: £250 


6 hour live stream at Studio 808: £380

6 hour live stream on location: £550 

9 hour live stream at Studio 808: £780

9 hour live stream on location: £1000

(Prices include full equipment set up and production team. The price excludes travel costs as its dependant on the distance we have to travel. Contact us now for a quote.)



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