Book a recording session

You can book your session online with our live booking calander. Click here to book now.


Take advantage of our exclusive deal with 8 hours of recording time plus full mix down and mastering included.

Wav Mastering

Studio 808 offer a Wav Mastering service with years of experience. If you’d like to find out more about this service click learn more below.

We also offer our Full Works mastering service . If you feel your music needs to be treated and cleaned up this might be a better option for you. Please select The Full Works Mastering from this menu.

The full works mastering

Our Full Works Mastering deal includes a full mixing session with your track, processing all the individual audio and cleaning the mix so we can achieve the best possible master. Click learn more to find out more about the service and book.

We also offer Wav Mastering for those who feel the mix of their tracks are good enough and only require mastering. Please choose Wav Master from this menu.

Book Our DJ Practice Room

You can book our DJ room to practice and record your mixes. You can book online using our live booking calander.

Business Services

We offer businesses a complete solution for all your media needs at competitive prices.
Find a list of services we provide below or get in touch today to find out more.

hire our training classroom

We have a professional teaching room for up to 5 students. Each desk has the latest iMac and software such as AutoCAD, Office and many others. We can set up a particular system in place to cater for the course, please contact us to find out more.


Studio 808 offers a multiple platform streaming service using professional broadcasting software. Using high quality cameras and microphones, as well as on screen text and animations to make your live steam professional and engaging.


We provide voiceover recording sessions for businesses who require precise and professional recordings for their videos. Our studio has a acoustic treated booth with a screen for your employee to watch each scene and record their voiceovers accordingly. We also have experience recording audio books and everything recorded is edited by request of the customer and enhanced to give it a professional sound. All recordings are mixed and mastered inclusive of the price.

Image design for Adverts, Flyers & Posters

At Studio 808 we have a team of fantastic designers who can help create your perfect artwork. This bespoke service delivers designs specific to your needs with unlimited revisions making sure we deliver exactly what you need.


professional service

highly experienced

100% customer satifsaction

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation which has been built through taking every job seriously no matter how big or small. If you are a musician we understand how personal your music is to you and strive to deliver only the very best results. Our engineers will note down every aspect of your requirements during the initial consultation ensuring the finished product is exactly how you asked for it.