Hello, My name is Will and I am a house and techno Dj under the name of Wilba. I have a residency for Sense Traxx and a Radio show on Studio 808 Radio. I have been djing for over a year now and wanted to take my music career to the next level and start producing. I completed a 4 week music production course at Studio 808 learning about Logic Pro x software and the basics to building tracks. This course has allowed me to expand my knowledge as an artist and better my self in the industry. By the end of the course I was able to build tracks from start to finish using compressors modulation and many other plug-ins which allowed my tracks to sound at a professional level. I thoroughly enjoyed my production course at Studio 808 and will be definitely be completing the next level of course in the future to learn about sound designs. I would highly recommend the music production course at Studio 808 to take you producing to the next level

Check out some of Wilba’s tracks after our 4 week Tech House music production course in Logic X:


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