The mixing and mastering of a track are the two most critical elements of music production.

This is where the separate parts of the song come together and the sound of the track is shaped into its final form. This process requires great technical skill, expensive equipment, a good musical ear and lots of experience.

We also offer mixing which is essential for the foundations of a great master. If you feel your music lacks in the mix then head over to our mixing booking.

Price is per track.

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If your track needs loudness and Dynamics without squashing the sound or getting a very “cold” sounding and thin track  we’ve got your back.

Many cheap mastering companies have made an appearance in recent years and just like anything else you pay what you get for. Mastering is the last step to making your track carry as much clout as the rest on the radio, its not just about how loud the track is but how well the harmonics and transients translate when pushed using our combination of high end plugins and mastering hardware.