Recording for Film, E-Book & Smartphone Apps

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Recording for Film, E-Book and Smartphone Apps can be fairly complex and you have to be able to find the most effective and less time consuming way of recording, exporting and filing the recordings so the producer/publisher can easily find the recordings for post editing.

We have produced recordings for book authors, TV stations, app developers and hypnotherapists. If you want to talk to us about a specific project you have please contact us.

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Typical set up for recording sessions:

  • Fully treated mic booth
  • Mac Pro  2.7  12 Core
  • SE Electronics Gemeni 2
  • Dual Valve Mic
  • Neve 1073 DPX Preamp
  • sSPL Tube Vitalizer
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8
  • Adam A77X near field monitoring speakers
  • TLA Audio compressor
  • Various state of the art software plugins

Our studio has a acoustic treated booth with a screen for your employee to watch each scene and record their voiceovers accordingly. We also have experience recording audio books and everything recorded is edited by request of the customer and enhanced to give it a professional sound. All recordings are mixed and mastered inclusive of the price.