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Complete Music Production Course

From: £25.00 / week for 8 weeks with 1 week free trial and a £250.00 sign-up fee


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Our 8 week music production course is suitable for beginners and intermediate level producers. During the course you will be able to understand the foundations of using music production software and learn how professionals construct their tracks from scratch. Your tutor will help you with any questions you have which is the advantage of a class environment over learning online which vastly improves your progression becoming a proficient music producer.

No previous experience is required – this course is intensive and will require you to have the determination to learn the basics of using computer music software.

Those who have already started using music software will also find lots of useful technique from the first few classes, giving you an injection of skills which you may have overlooked as so many bedroom producers do. We believe that with the right mindset and dedication anyone who has a keen interest in becoming a top level music producer can achieve this.

What is covered on the course?

To put it simply – all the things you need to understand to produce music properly, plus a lot of tricks and techniques we have picked up from working with established artists and years of experience producing music and releasing music on record labels.

Having the right knowledge from producers who can show you the correct way to do things allows you to progress without second guessing, knowing you are doing things the right way and shorten your learning curve. Some examples of things people struggle with which we cover are learning how to properly process drums to make them sound clear and cut through the mix. You will learn how to make your music more unique using cutting edge techniques.

We focus on sound design which includes taking a sound or a sample and turning it into something completely different and unique, giving your music the edge over the masses using sample loops.

Our course is condensed into 8 lessons which have been carefully structured so students quickly learn specific areas of music production becoming comfortable using the software and quickly putting the techniques into practice.

“Learn from industry professionals and take your skills to the next level!”

On completion of the course, you’ll be confident enough to open the program and start producing your own full-length tracks and become part of our growing network of home grown producer and get the opportunity to send us music which if we feel is good enough will be passed of to major labels and producers.


  • Learning the Tools and Mixing Effects
  • Creative Drum Patterns
  • Creative Sampling & Resampling
  • The Fundamentals of Synthesis
  • Music Theory & Arrangement
  • Recording Audio, Processing Vocals and Live Instruments
  • Advanced Sound Processing
  • Mixing & Mastering


Duration and class dates

8 weeks, Tuesdays 6:30pm – 9:30pm


Sept 2022 | Nov 2022 | Jan 2023

Fee Options

Course fee can be paid as a one off payment of £650 or a deposit of £250 plus 8 weekly payments of £50 which is set up online and must be paid by the time you begin your first lesson. You can choose the payment method when you enrol.

Please note if you sign up to our course and cancel your placement within 1 month of the start date we will not issue a refund. However we will offer you a placement at a future date.


We offer students under the age of 21 the chance to enrol onto our course with a student discount. Course fee can be paid as a one off payment of £450 or a deposit of £250 plus 8 weekly payments of £25 which is set up when you enrol.

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Payment Options

Pay In Full, Weekly Payments

Under 21 Student Discount

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