Podcast #002 – Phaction

Cypriot born producer Alexandre Pavlou aka Phaction’s passion for music was founded through a love of drumming from an early age. He moved to Bristol in 2007 where his growing fascination for Drum and Bass music was catalysed by the diverse vibe and nightlife of the city. After learning to mix and playing out live with high energy sets he began craving a new challenge and sought a different medium through which to express his creativity.
His journey into music production began in 2013. Inspired by the sounds of the city and music all around him, his love ranges widely from classical and jazz through to film scores and even metal, which have become intrinsic in the vibe of his productions.
His first finished piece of music was recently picked up by tutor and mentor Arclight and subsequently the label boss of Liquicity. His debut track ‘Someone’ featuring Katkin Willow was released on the label’s compilation album Escapism Volume 2 in November 2014. Since then he reached out to Marco, the founder of Fokuz Recordings and has since made his label debut with the Vapour and Stratos EPs, with Stratos gaining support from the likes of Total Science, Technimatic, LSB, FD and Tokyo Prose.
After hearing his work, Total Science signed his music to their legendary imprint CIA, culminating in a 5 track EP that gained support from the likes of Goldie, Lenzman, Halogenix, DJ Marky and Foreign Concept to name a few.