MC Vapour & MC Kie

Podcast #005 – MC Vapour & MC Kie

Vapour is an Internationally known artist. Born, brought up and Based in the UK, He was Born in Barking Hospital, 1982 and Raised in The Romford area of Greater London and Essex. He began writing lyrics aged 13, when he was in school and it was clear that his talent stood tall with words and music, which would easily flourish over time. In late 1997 when Vapour was preparing to take his final school exams he became a member of local pirate radio station Force Fm. It was here that Vapour began to create an image for himself as a energetic, exciting, humorous young host that had an ability to amuse and entertain a crowd with his charisma and witty banter in a light hearted, yet clever and intelligent manner. Vapour grew quickly with an attitude that went down well with his listeners and acquired and vast listenership and a dedicated Fanbase within a short space of time, always keeping his radio show for consistency. In 2000 Vapour was introduced to a Producer of a local record label and they collaborated on a track called “Move your Body” which went on sale across Europe and sold 5000 copies over the first 2 weeks. They also released 2 compilation CD’s that went on mainstream sale. Vapour continued for many years to work and perfect his style, changing over the years from a hyperactive young host with witty, funny story like lyrics and jokes specifically for the purpose of entertaining his radio following, to concentrating more on writing lyrics to fulfil his own happiness. Vapour began to write lyrics about his knowledge and his personal experiences and feelings, always saying what he felt, and always keeping that element of being able to put his cheeky charisma into his lines for the added effects.