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Course Overview

The beginner music production course is suitable for most people and designed to teach you how to construct your own tracks. 
Our tutors have years of experience teaching people who have 0 knowledge and making them understand the foundations of using music software and get their head around the initial stages with ease. Throughout the course your tutor will show you how classic and cutting edge tunes are put together so you can apply the techniques to your own music.


No previous experience is required and those who have already started using music software will also find lots of useful techniques which will give you an injection of skills which you can quickly apply to your tracks. You’ll learn how to create fresh sounding custom beats, add hooks, riffs, chords, basslines, melodies, develop your arrangements and work with vocals whilst keeping everything in key so it ‘sounds right’.  On completion of the course, you’ll be confident enough to open the program and start producing your own full-length tracks

“If your a songwriter and lack the knowledge to use music software then this is the course for you!”


We have compressed this down into 8 lessons which have been carefully structured so students quickly learn specific areas of the tools and get comfortable very quickly using the software and putting the techniques they have learned into practice. Our courses are held 1 day a week for 3 hours at our studio,  we also have a Facebook group for our students to talk amongst each other or ask the tutor any questions which you may have about anything covered in the class.



  • Learning your ‘Tools’
  • Synthesis
  • EQ & Compression
  • Arrangement Edits & Final Tweaks
  • Shortcuts and Work Flow
  • Creative Sampling
  • Music Theory
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Arrangement
  • Processing & Layering
  • Recreating Sounds
  • Sending Demos & Networking


Course Details


2 months

Available start dates

February 2019 | March 2019 | April 2019 | June 2019 | August 2019 


Fee Options

Course fee can be payed as a one off payment of £650 or a deposit of £250 plus 8 weekly payments of £50 per week (total £650) which is set up online for automatic payments. You can choose the payment method below when you enrol. 


Option 1: Pay in full with our One Off Payment service.

Option 2: Pay Deposit and start your weekly payment plan.

Weekly Payments

Enrol to our Advanced Music Production course on a weekly payment plan with a £250 deposit and 8 weekly payments of £50.00

One Off Payment

Enrol to our Beginners Music Production course with a one off payment of £650

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