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Our Advanced music production course is aimed at producer who are at a more advanced stage of their learning, honing in on your skills and taking your music to another level. For this course we had to get a person whos talent and experience can match your ambition as a producer and we have none other than Leon Switch hosting the course. Leon has had releases on many labels such as Metalheadz, been involved in computer game music production and has had sample pack releases on Loopmasters, making him the perfect person to develop your skills with.


 You will quickly realise just how advanced and intense the course will be from the first lesson, there will be no introduction and not super basics being covered here. You will learn how to approach advanced sound design, manipulating sounds and adding a new character to your music that wasn’t there before.


“Special guest DJ masterclass for every Advanced Music Production course student”


Not only will you have our experienced tutors on hand throughout the course. you will have the chance to learn from high profile artists in a one day masterclass with them on the Advanced Music Production course. They will go into detail about their journey in music and give you an of insight into their way of working and have a chance to pick their brain and get inspired by their success.  Artists we have recently had hosting masterclasses include Reelow, Max Chapman, Turno, Zero T and Mad Villains.

But thats not all!

We have teamed up with popular internet based learning brand Education & Bass to bring you the perfect balance of in-class tutoring plus the excellent production tutorials available on line to add an extra layer of knowledge to your skill set. You will also receive 1 year subscription with access to all online courses and video material . 

We will also be inviting the Education & Bass team to host a class with you to give you an insight into their ways of working and how you can implement the amazing content on their website with your current studies on the course. This offer is exclusive to our Advanced Course students.



Education & Bass

“With over 500 videos covering all genres and styles of music. We have multiple different tutors who are all active artists in the music industry. Leon Switch, Digital, Cocktail Party Effect, Nomine, X=X, Nurve, Exile, Occult and Timo Garcia with many more tutors about to join. Our content covers everything from Compression to Drum processing right through to sound designing and Synthesis.”



  • Advanced Sound Design
  • Advanced Synthesis
  • TV & Game Music Composition
  • Arrangement Edits & Final Tweaks
  • Advanced Composition & Work Flow
  • Creative Sampling
  • Glitch & Granular FX
  • Advanced Mixing & Mastering
  • Art of Mixing
  • Processing & Layering
  • Recreating Sounds
  • Sending Demos & Networking


Course Details


2 months

Available start dates

 January 2019 | March 2019 | May 2019 | July 2019 | September 2019 | November 2019


Fee Options

Course fee can be payed as a one off payment of 1,150 or £100 per week with a deposit of £350 (total £1,150) which is set up online for automatic payments paid weekly for 8 weeks. You can choose the payment method below when you enrol.


Option 1: Pay in full with our One Off Payment service.

Option 2: Pay Deposit and start your weekly payment plan.

Weekly Payments

Enrol to our Advanced Music Production course on a weekly payment plan with a £350 deposit and 8 weekly payments of £100.00

One Off Payment

Enrol to our Advanced Music Production course with a one off payment of £1,150.

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