808 Music Production Courses

We offer music production courses in all aspects of electronic music, whether you are looking to produce House Music, Drum & Bass, Dubstep or Hip Hop we can provide the course for your needs.

Here is an example of a popular course we provide and details of the course content. If you are looking to produce a specific genre we can tailor it to your style, the majority of the content that we cover will apply to all genres.

Music Production in Logic Pro X

– Overview of the DAW and main features.

– Understanding Signal Flow, the Logic mixer, Channel Strips and Busses.

– How to record in using your microphone.

– Using MIDI

– Sample editing and layering.

– Using drum machines.

– Using Synths to create baselines, leads and arpeggiators, learning the basics of synthesis.

– Processing sounds to enhance and bring clarity to your sound, using this technique with vocals, drums, baselines, making everything sit in its own space in the mix.

– How to structure your song and make your music progressing quicker finishing your tracks with ease.

– Basic mix down techniques, how to get the sound right and clean ready for mastering.

– Basic mastering to get your track volume and dynamics up to the required level.

Courses last 4 weeks doing 1 session a week lasting 2 hours per session. You will be given assignments to take home with you and practice throughout the week to get you comfortable with what you have learned in the lesson. The course is intensive and go through in depth very quickly and you will be required to practice once a night for an hour at least so that you familiarise yourself with the processes to making electronic music.

Course Fees:

£399 (Payable 50% upfront with weekly payments of £49)

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