Mixing and Mastering


Most recording musicians, engineers and producers are well aware what a difference mastering can make to a song and what makes a difference between good results and great results is attention to details. At Studio 808 we are passionate about quality sound and thats what sets us apart. We treat every song like our own and make sure the final product is of a standard we expect, nothing less.

We offer 1 track WAV masters which brings brightness, clarity and sheen to you track, bringing the song to life and reaching volume levels of radio broadcast standard.

We also offer stem mix and masters which involves taking the separate tracks for the drums, bass, pads, vocals, etc and process them individually. This enables us to tidy every aspect of the track from bringing punch and dynamics to the drums to increasing the stereo image of the musical elements of the track. mix and mastering is highly recommended as it gives the track the best quality of sound possible with  a nice separation between the elements giving the song a professional edge.

Our recent mastering portfolio:

Here is an example of a track before and after mastering:

RYN – Feels Like (Before Mastering)

RYN – Feels Like (After Mastering)

The styles of music we cover for mastering are Drum & Bass, House, Garage, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Trap & Rock/Indie.

We offer mastering as cheap as £20 per track and mixing & mastering from £80 per track. We offer special discounts for record labels looking to get multiple tracks mastered on a regular basis. Contact us now for a quote!