One Day Production Course


Your one day production course can be booked here. Once we receive the payment we will contact you directly and book the session in our diary. Thank you!


Looking to take your music to the next level? Speak to Studio 808 and see how a professional music studio can help.

If you’re looking to learn a music program such as Logic X or Ableton but cant afford the big course fees? Or maybe your looking to dip your foot in and see if its for you before you go straight in to a course? Then we have just the thing! Our one day introduction course gives you a great insight into producing music, learning the fundaments of how to create club pumping tracks in a easy to understand way. We have excellent facilities to make you feel inspired and willing to learn. Our teachers are friendly and have a wealth of experience in producing all styles of House music, Drum & Bass, UK Garage, Grime, Hip Hop and pretty much anything else that is played in the clubs!

Classes of 3 students £70 per person. Course duration 4 hours per class.