Latest From Our Music Course

So the latest person to attend our music production course was Mark Vann.

Mark already had a good music background playing instruments such as the guitar and drums. His target was to get comfortable using Logic X and learn the foundations on how to use the program effectively to produce music.

Mark wanted to use his musical background to make a Funk Disco style similar to Daft Punk and Gorillaz with the idea of recording his guitar and using Logic to add the other musical elements and beats to create the vibe he wants. Mark had a lot of enthusiasms and showed good ability to grasp the course content which is very intensive and by the end of the course we helped him produce his first track using Logic X.

“Working with Paul at Studio 808 was great and intelligently fun, I felt I got an in depth education about music production. I was never left with questions unanswered and Paul was contactable should I run into music production problems.

Doing the course sparked my fascination back into music with complex music production techniques I hear on my favourite records, broken down into a logical and understandable methods to do myself.

I would recommend Studio 808 to anyone those fascinated by music.” – Mark Vann.


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