Studio 808 Chelmsford – New Website Up and Running

Our new website is up and running, you’re probably checking it out!

Studio 808 is pleased to announce the launch of its new website!

New Website Launch for Studio 808



Thanks to the team at Morris Projects for working with us to create our great new website. Our website is packed full of features such as:

Book a Studio Room: You can now book one of our music studio rooms at Studio 808. These include the recording room, DJ practice and rehearsal room and our Band rehearsal room. As well as this you can also book our music production/mix and mastering by contacting Studio 808.

Purchase full sample packs and synth presets from our store

Purchase full logic X projects from our store

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We will also be launching our Live Stream and Subscription service very soon.


We are looking forward to providing more great content for you so be sure to check back soon. If you have any questions about Studio 808 or our services please use the Contact form below or check out our services page.



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